Seeing Red...

So tonight John went out with his friends. His parents said it was cool that in 3 months we apply for the marriage visa. I'm stoked. More about that later.

He comes home and starts arguing on MSN with his sister. I lol'd.

She turns around and posts this on my facebook :"come to fuckin england on ur own fuckin money and stop wastin johns"
to which I respond with this,
At least a continent away I still know John's not off screwing other girls. Perhaps until you get your own life under control you should keep your fucking nose out of everyone elses?

You're so damn lucky your family is too damn nice to kick you out on your ass for being a stupid self absorbed bitch. I've played nice for a long fucking time, and I ... Read Morethink you're a lovely person. But you need to get your god damn mood swings under control and stop taking it out on the people who love you.

Why don't you go verbally bitch slap your crappy boyfriend for a change and leave the rest of your family alone?

She has no idea who she is dealing with. Long ago, when she was out of her mind I told John to hit her in the face with a shovel. That feeling passed but tonight its back full force.
She is damn lucky there is an ocean between us, or I'd smack the hoe.

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Libërty said...

Oh goodness me the drama is brilliant.