Tsk. Drama, drama, drama...

Yesterday was fun. I cleaned and then Emily and I went to drop off my resume at the temp agency that had apparently closed down... :( So then we picked up my Pictures at JCPenny and decided to "Register" for the wedding. (I picked out a 400$ Area rug! ahahahaha.)

Then headed back here to watch TV and eat dinner. We started drinking and playing Boogie Superstars, which I must say is the best cardio workout of all time. You look like a tool, but by the end of the 3 minute dancing I'm dying.

I walked into the kitchen to turn out the light and there is Joey, rolling a blunt. I told him that I don't want pot in this apartment, and he can do whatever he likes outside of this building. But I am not going to risk my ass because he wants to get high.
I also told Jes the same thing so he wouldn't tell her something and she gets all pissy for upsetting him.

Jes came out and said "Whatever issues we have, we don't discuss infront of her." Meaning Emily.
I told her flat out that it was an issue I wasn't going to wait to comment on. It needed to be dealt with right then and there.

And here I was thinking that I had made it perfectly clear that I didn't want drugs in the apartment. Emily respects me enough to not bring any, its a shame no one else does.

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