The last two days: RECAP!

So Saturday morning I woke up at 730ish as you all know and had some coffee. I headed off to work, worried that I was going to be late so I'm haulin' ass down Route 47 to get there on time.
I end up being 20 minutes early. It was wonderful.

So I get to my register and realize Kay, the bitch of a manager, is there. My day already sucks the big one. Nanette, some lady who is very chatty, is working next to me and the first hour zooms by because we're all gossiping and having a good time.
Then it starts to pick up a bit, couple customers here, there, My coffee has kicked in so I'm a ray of sunshine.
Break rolls around and I go outside where I proceed to freeze my ass off to have a cigarette. Come back in and buy some starburst.
I spent the next hour helping people and eating starburst. It was good.
Lunch time I get my sub and head into the back, this already took 20 minutes but thats dandy, I don't mind waiting for food.

Now theres this girl, Stephanie, who smells like shit and just... she's gross ok? She sits down next to me and starts making akward conversation when clearly I am trying to eat. She starts eating and chewing with her mouth open and smacking her lips, (I feel like my father right now, I had no idea how annoying it was.) I eventually tell John to call me via Text and he does, saving me from the fate of the smelly fat girl.

I hide in the bathroom for a bit and then head back in, noticing that this girl has now moved to another table to bother someone else. Thank god, and yet lulzy at the same time.
I finish eating and the rest of my day was spent like this...

I zoned grocery. Which means I straightened items, made sure everything was in its correct spot and then put things away that werent. It was a blast. I don't mind doing it, but what I do mind is walking back through the area I did an hour ago only to see someone has destroyed it again. Or watching a lady drop four boxes of Trix on the floor and then LEAVE THEM THERE.

I had no idea "Maid" was part of my job.

My day is done, I buy a new coffee maker. I head home and invite Emily over. We sit watching TV and laughing at it. Jes comes home and instantly I don't want to be there. The vibe of the room changes the moment she walks in, like anger and fear and it's not cool.
I dropped Emily off and drove around a bit, singing some Queen and what not.

I get home and sit online for about 10 minutes before I let John call me and go lay down. I've been up 17.5 hours at this point and I am dead tired. 1AM rolls around and I"m laying in my bed listening to the TV in the other room, and the arguments that seem to have no point.

Finally at 2AM they are shouting so I get up, get dress and walk out slamming the door behind me. (And my family can vouch for me, I'm a lover of the door slam.) I get in my car (Trying to make a dignified exit in slippers.) and realize I forgot my debit card and ID. So I drive around for an hour, doing a figure 8 from Woodstock to Crystal lake, back to woodstock, then Algonquin, Crystal lake and back to woodstock.

I talked to John for a bit on the phone, swearing up a storm and being angry as fuck, and then I drove in silence. Enjoying it.
I got home and Jes had "Gone to bed" but when I laid down I could still hear them talking. I eventually drifted off around 4am.

This morning I got up and when Emily called we went to JCpennys to order the pictures, (Feb 4th) and then headed to my Moms to get my mail, drop off the Ipass and just bother her a bit. We then ventured towards woodstock to stop at Helping Paws to see the cats and perhaps find out more about adopting one.

Well that was a bust. Not the cats, but adopting one.
I called Jes, asking if it was ok. She flat out told me no because she doesn't want one.
I almost cried.

So we went to Walmart and I bought the Sims 2 Pets Expansion pack. So now I can surround myself with animals who love me and like to pay attention to me! Huzzah!

5pm was Emily's Moms birthday thing, which was fun as always. The Cross family is a crazy family, but they're all intelligent, funny, NICE people. Who do not question why Emily's friend is over for Christmas brunch or their mother's birthday.

I came home, took the laptop into my room and played the sims for 5 hours. And now, I'm going to go to bed. And if I hear them argue or fight at all... I'm going to scream at them. Because my door is locked and its about damn time I did something about this.

Hope you all had a better weekend then I did.

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