Oh sweet mother of...

Today I had schemed with Jes' mom to set up Christmas in our house. She was going to bring over a spare tree and we were planning on decorating most of the day, because Jes would be at work. Well about 10 minutes ago Jes and I were joking about how if her car wouldn't start she didn't have to go to work.

Her fucking car didn't start.

So now, I believe Christmas is RUINED. and by ruined I mean put off for the moment. I've offered to drive her to work, and she said no. So I'm not really sure whats going to happen.

Oh and just so we're all aware, two weeks ago I was 218lbs and today I clocked in at 208.5lbs.
The moment I am under 200 I'm going to run naked through the snow screaming in victory.

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