Been a while..

I haven't had the motivation to write. Since I moved here, after that massive blog it's like my entire ability to string sentences together to tell people about my life, my day or anything at all has vanished. Its depressing to say the least because I love writing, and yet I'm failing at it miserably. So I am sorry to you, blog reader, but I am going to give it my best.

School is almost done with, which pleases me greatly. Not that I don't enjoy learning but its more of the "I have too much shit on my plate" right now to deal with it sorta thing. Science I'm hoping I passed, and English I gave up on. Bombing it miserably in the end. I didn't get my final paper done so I didnt bother going to the final. I had more shit to deal with than I knew what to do with myself and work kinda killed me that week.. and I can make as many excuses as I need to make me feel better about it. Long story short, I could have busted my ass all night writing a paper but my teacher is a hard grader and I would have only ended up with a C if I was lucky.
I wasn't about to spend hours slaving over this thing to get a C. Fuck that.
I barely work for a C when it comes to writing. I slave for an A.

German is a bit iffy. Got a D on my last test and dont know how the final is going to go. Tomorrow I'm going to meet up with some kids from class and study a bit. Get it all together and hopefully nail it all down and shit. Hopefully. I'd like to pass with a B if possible.

The apartment is lovely. It still needs some things, but for the time being I'm very pleased with it. Jes is at work right now, but I spent the afternoon cleaning and putting away everything that was mine. I broke down all the boxes and plan on hauling them to my moms tonight and eatting dinner there. I managed 10 hours of sleep last night but at 430pm I'm tired.

Maybe I will take a shower and then nap on my freshly made bed? This is a possiblity.

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MrK said...

Well hey you have been busy! Juggling school and work and moving all at once plus having to deal with my kind of crazy, so no wonder you've not had time to blog like you usually do.

I can't wait to see the apartment and spend some time with you, I miss you so much Jen.

P.S I'm sure school will be ok, you're a very smart young lady, but you already knew this :)