Tis the season...

Today was a good day. Woke up, had some coffee and the cable/internet guy came and installed everything. Now I can communicate with the outside world again, which makes me very happy.
Tomorrow I work from 8:30AM til 5:00PM which means when I get home I'm going to be exhausted.

But after sitting around and watching CSI NY and CSI I headed to Applebees to give Jes her cigarettes. Then we headed to McHenry so she could get her RH shot. See, Jes is A- and thats a very rare blood, and since the baby is very unlikely to be A- she has to get a shot that will prevent her immune system from attacking the baby and its blood. Very interesting stuff. Big ass Needle though.

Then I headed to Moms to eat her food and pester her as much as humanly possible. After gathering some more of my things I came back to the apartment to watch the Family stone. Now here I sit, tired but not sure if I'm ready to go to bed yet.

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