When did Fall get here?

Shit. It's like 6:49am and I'm outside having a morning smoke, something I haven't done in months. Normally it's an "on the way to school" smoke or a "sometime after lunch" but not today! No, today I woke up at 5am having forced myself to sleep at midnight last night, and then every time I woke up, I forced myself back to sleep. It was brilliant, I feel rested and awake and shivery.

Back to the topic at hand. When the FUCK did it become fall? two weekends ago it was 80 something outside, sunny and I was pleased. Now? Now I'm shivering in a sweatshirt wondering if I'm going to have to wear socks to school.

Speaking of school, lets talk about that shall we? In my English Comp II class we're working on a group research project. Our topic happens to be haunting. I like two members of my group, Gabbi who busts her ass, and LOVES haunting. And Ben, who puts in a lot of effort and bought me diet coke for our last meet up. The third member, Stephen, is the DEVIL. The second time the group got together he didn't show up, and that happens to be the time when we managed to get 9 pages of the rough draft written. He either shows up late, or whines about how he's "SO BUSY" and needs to leave. Normally I'm the group slacker in projects like this, but apparently this time around I really feel like being an over achiever.

So tonight we're all getting together to finish the paper and theres a good chance Stephen and I will be having words. Five bucks says that he forgets to bring the last minute research we asked him to do and then whines about how "On Midnight is so late, I have a class tomorrow." forgetting that we all have class tomorrow, at the same time.. Moron.

Anyway, German is canceled today which pleased me greatly when I remembered. But I got up so early I am considering going to school early to work on the paper for a few hours. And you know, study for Biology. Yes, my life is thrilling.

Hopefully something blog worthy will happen later today and I'll update again. I know I've been neglecting you, but The Sims2 has stolen my soul.

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