Google AdSense

Yes, this is blog number three tonight.

I know I have people who read this since I whore out the link like a pimp on a good Saturday night in the slums..
But I need you guys to click the google ad on the side of the page *Points to the left*
See, I want to get married, but I also want to go to school. And between wedding costs, school costs, and the pesky "Getting a place to live" thing, I need all the clicks I can get.

I know I'm no genius with words, and I know I'm only mildly entertaining at times.. But if you happen to stumble upon this blog and read this post... give Google Ads a click, it happens to be 20 cents off my tuition when I finally get out of community college.

Thanks :)


Anonymous said...

I clicked. You feel better yes?

Why, why do I do this? Perhaps you can answer... Yes, I know I'm crazy.

Jen said...

I do feel better! Please, take a cookie on the way out:D

Anonymous said...

I totally would - but I hate ads, so adblock plus prevents me.

Also - if google spots you begging people to click the ads, they'll take their money back, they're assholes like that.

That said, I am kind of intrigued as to what their targetted ad system comes up with for your blog.. a link to a winery perhaps? Or maybe to the Marlboro site?

I may go lift some filters to satisfy my curiosity!

Hope you're well hun.

Steve (the artist formerly known as Evsie)

Jen said...


You have not died! Amazing!