Socks and their failure..

It's a bit late for me considering the time I woke up this morning. But thanks to a two hour nap after school I'm ok for at least another hour. My socks are not keeping my feet warm, which is strange since thats their like one goal. Stupid socks.

I do believe I failed my biology practical today, since I had no idea what anything was and guessed for a good 95% of it. Bu I'll bounce back, I am a genius after all.
Met with the english group, our paper is done.. Only 2 more things need to be done to it and one of those things is "Printing it out" so this is fantastic. I have to throw a paragraph in about the tabulations of the survey but I can bullshit that so fast.

John sent me some lovely flowers today. They were meant to be a secret until I told him my Mom and I were mocking him, causing him to spill the beans because he assumed thats what we were mocking him for. These flowers are absolutely stunning, and if I had the motivation to get off my fat ass, I totally would. I would take a picture and post it here for all of you to admire.
But instead I'm going to marvel at them from my seated position and hope tomorrow when I'm standing I remember to grab the camera.

Speaking of John, He's here in a week. Monday next week his plane gets in after seven, which means I have to go and pick him up from the airport. Or I could just make him hop on the bus and come out here so I don't have to drive any futher than need be. This may be a much better plan. I shall ponder it.

But I am super excited about him being here again. I miss the boy like crazy and my car really needs to be cleaned. Yup, thats how I convey my love for him. "I miss him and really need him to clean my car." I am nothing but romance and smoothness. Thats me. They call me "Doctor Loveeeee" around the watercooler. Not that anywhere I go has one, so more like the water fountain. God, I'm rambling. Im rambling so badly. Someone, come, smack me.

Oh and things I never want to hear my mother say again: "What Boner can I pull now?"
I had to tell her a few times to never ever ever ever say that again. EVER. Woman had NO IDEA what it meant and I wanted to keep it that way.
But good lord, next time you show your age and how unhip you are, please wait until I'm not chewing food.


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MrK said...

That boy John, he misses you like crazy too, even if he did just pass the hell out on his couch and not get woken by his alarm. He loves you very much <3