6am is rather early...

Howdy faithful blog readers,
How are you doing today? (Feel free to leave a comment answering that question.) I'm alright. I woke up at 6am for no reason other than I had to pee. I've been up since even though now I'm yawning and regretting my choice of consciousness. But I went to bed at midnight last night so 6 hours of sleep should get me through the day just fine!

Speaking of days, yesterday was quite the adventure. And by adventure I of course mean shitty ass day. Actually not horrible, but not wonderful. I woke up and knew it was going to be a shitty ass day due to the 20 missed calls on my phone. 20. Meaning I did not wake up in time for class. In fact I slept through BOTH classes even though I went to bed the night before at midnight. Good job Body, way to fail me hardcore.

So I sit around for a bit debating lunch and a nap, then Gabi calls me. We need to work on the paper. So we head to JoAnnes and read the peer reviews we got on Tuesday. Side track here, those peer reviews were ignorant and full of just judgment and rudeness that it made me feel like someone had punched me in the stomach. It did not help me take them seriously when they, themselves, were absolute morons. One of the comments was "Is the students of McHenry County College..." seriously? Is the students? I took a pink pen and corrected him...and then made note of all his notes and decided to ignore them.

So anyway, Gabi and I re-worked the paper making sure it was wonderful and perfect and most importantly done. She leaves. I rewrite the methodology and tabulations, making new graphs and making up new information to the paper. Fun stuff!
5:40 rolls around as I finish what I was working on. Packing up my stuff quickly I haul ass to Ben's where we resume reworking the paper and editing before we get to work on the power point, making sure we practice and have the entire thing finished. We do.

Ben prints some things out, Jen saves some things Gabi edits her heart out and steve reminds us all how completely useless he is. All in all, good day.

I came home to the last 20 minutes of CSI NY and then laid down to read. I was out by midnight. And that brings us to where we are now...
Which is when I log off to go get something for breakfast. Have a good day F. R's :)

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Mallikarjuna said...

Hi friend I liked your interests espeicially english and grammer