The Second Debate

I watched the debate tonight and can officially say that 1.) Thats the first one I've ever watched start to finish and 2.) halfway through it I was so fed up with McCain badmouthing Obama and cracking crap jokes I had to pour myself a drink.

Last election I voted on what others around me said "Bush is evil, we don't want him in the whitehouse!" and something about "Gay Boot camp" to turn the fags straight. So I headed off to the polls with my shiny new registration card and voted for Kerry.
And like most Americans I was outraged to hear that Kerry had not won, in fact I cursed Ohio pretending like I had a clue about what was going on.
Truth be told, I didn't and for the most part I still don't.

My second Election is coming up and I thought this time around I'd try to be better informed, try to pick based on what they believed, policies and how they presented themselves... well hot damn, Obama presented himself as a black kid raised by a single mom working two jobs, a black man who worked HARD to get where he's gotten to. A man, no race needed at this time, running for office who doesn't have his daddy or his mommy to thank for his wealth, power or influence.

Plus the guy is BLACK. (I know Oh shit, oh shit!)

So in four weeks I will march, or you know, drive.. my happy ass over to that beach four blocks from my house. I'll stand in line and vote for Obama. I knew this the moment I learned he was running, I knew this the moment he beat out Hilary.. Why?

Because even if he DOESN'T WIN (Which I will then curse Ohio.. or whatever state gets counted last.. I'm not even sure how it works..) he's gone and set an example that needed to be set. That Black kids living in low class can work hard and with love, support and a brain.. can be whatever the FUCK they want to be.

Did you know that my brother, Lavandis, didn't even utter the words "I wanna go to college" until Obama started being mentioned regularly in our household? That my sister, Hope, now wants to resume her dream of being the first zooologist black woman to run this country?
And that I, have finally taken an interest in what goes on around me, enough to sit and suffer through the debate, to read about the issues, the quotes, the facts and watch the broadcasts?

It's amazing what one man, who rose up from nothing, has done to not only my house.. but to homes all across the country. Maybe McCain will win, he is our "Friend" after all, but at the end of the election, who inspired more people?

Obama gets my vote.

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Cody and Summer said...

Well said. From a journalist to a blogger, my advice to you is to read, read, and read. Get every paper you can, watch every news hour you can. But, also watch things like Stephen Colbert. These are the be resources that allow our generation to change things...We have to be informed before we can consent to change.

Make sure your brothers and sisters stay educated--and make sure you follow your dreams, and not anyone else's.