Taking control?

Today we had English. For those of you who don't talk to me on a daily basis, we're doing a research project as a group regarding hauntings.

So far I've done the majority of the work. Today we handed out surveys. I spent 30 bucks on donuts so we'd have them to hand out. 30 bucks.. how crazy is that?
Well the group discussed getting together sometime during the week to get the surveys counted and the results tallied.
So what did I do? I spent the afternoon counting, tallying and making pie charts on Power point for it. On top of that I have typed up the 9 pages thus far, and have put myself in charge of the "Day by day update" regarding our project.

So here I am worried that I'm not going to get a good grade with my group and thus I have taken complete control and am now stressed and have far too much on my plate.
Take a moment to appreciate that the cat is now licking his asshole. Thanks Kitty.
And then he sneezed and is now glaring at me.
Apparently I'm not allowed to blog about him giving himself a rim-job.

And back on subject..
I have a German test tomorrow which normally would be no problem. But I'm not sure on some of the plural forms and the articles. I need a drink, and some relaxing time. But sadly, I have to grab some text books and get to work.
Wish me luck folks, wish me lots of luck. And have a drink for me, a strong one.

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