Health Insurance is for Pussies.

Since I got very little sleep last night I decided to go ahead and skip my Biology class, having a friend take notes for me. I came home and ate a bagelful, which are fucking delicious. Then I curled up in my bed and went to sleep. I woke up at 3:30pm to the sound of my parents being loud and irritating. I sat up and discovered I have a headache from hell.
Thank you, Jesus.

I made another bagelful and grabbed a bag of cheetos for a snack. Came downstairs and realized "Oh, my throat is killing me on one side." and it feels a lot like strep. And before anyone goes "Oh how do you know what that feels like?" Look, I should of had my tonsils out years ago... I know what it feels like.
I'm secretly hoping that this is one of those "Sore throats" that goes away after you wake up a bit. But it's been about 2.5 hours since I woke up, and it still hurts. So only time will tell.

German test was not as horrible as I had thought, which pleased me greatly. I was a bit freaked out about it, but I took it and true to form, I'm far smarter than I give myself credit for. It's going to be 2 weeks before we get the tests back, since our teacher is a bit slow... But as long as the grade gets posted on Angel in a week I'll be happy.

Nothing really to write about other than school.. My days are mundane and boring as of late, or at least I feel they are. Perhaps to a nun my days are thrilling, driving around with my windows down, screaming at the top of my lungs to the radio and chain smoking Camel Crush cigarettes until I'm a hacking mess either due to the bug that's now living in my wind pipe or the 5 cigarettes I had, no one is certain.

OH! Biology lab test? I managed a B on it. Which means I AM NOT STUPID. You can't see me but I'm totally doing the \o/ cheery guy right now.

Parents are going out of town this weekend. You know what that means! BAKED GOODS AT JEN'S HOUSE! I'm excited. Pancakes, cupcakes, Cake cakes! Oh My!

And before I go into a diabetic coma just thinking about all the goodies, I'm going to get some pants on and head to the store. I need a cigarette and quite possibly a good dose of Penicillin.

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