Let me further state how wrong my mother is...

My mother asked me today if I was voting this year. She then asked me who I was voting for. She then asked me why. When I informed her the team of Mavericks were idiots, she got upset and disagreed with me.

Here's some quotes.

McCain: "Obama has been saying some rather nasty things about West Virgina lately....*Waits for boos*...And I couldn't agree with him more!"

Pailin was asked what the Vice President actually does, she essentially said she runs the senate. Way to go Alaska Barbie, you ooze not only whale fat out of your pores, but stupidity as well.

There is a reason I don't talk politics with the people I live with. They don't agree with me and that makes them STUPID AND WRONG.
I hope you stumble upon this Mom and read about the SHAME you have brought to our family. (Heh, now we're like Mulan!)

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