Veggie Chips, surprisingly delicious.

Spent the day playing the sims with Gabi. It was a good day, I got nothing done other than viewing some great movies I've never seen before. Freedom Writers made me cry like no ones business. I was just happy that no one died at the end. That's the best kind of movie. No super sadness at the end. Unless you're Mimi from RENT, then you should die.

John's here in less than four days now, which is wonderful. I shall have a slave to fetch things for me. (Sorry baby.) I've been vegging all day, rediscovering my love for NCIS. Not that I needed to, but it gives me an excuse to sit here watching it all day!

But alas, the commercial is over and I'm going to send this and enjoy the rest of my day.


MrK said...

Yes I will be there super soon! I can not wait!

I'm glad you have had a relaxing day :)

Anonymous said...

NCIS is a wonderful show. Better than CSI (but only for the characters.)