Grape juice is love

I just woke up. Last night/yesterday was much the same as the night before. Chills, fever, aches pains and general ickyness. fever is gone, grape juice is had, and pills have been taken.
I don't want to go to the doctor, but I have have to at this rate. I hate the doctor, but I hate feeling like this even more. So maybe its time to suck it up, eh?

My parents and sister leave tomorrow for a mini camping vacation, leaving brother and me here to fend for ourselves. Normally I am fine fending, but this time they are leaving that boy. I'm hoping he listens to me otherwise I'll lock him out and since my parents don't get reception on their phones, no one can do anything :D

Nah, I wouldn't lock him out. I would ground him for the rest of his life. Which seems like so much more fun :)
Ugh, Drugs come on and kick in. I want to breathe through my nose.

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