To do list

Since I didn't have to babysit this morning due to a small child being sick I've slept a long ass time and now have to go do stuff. Mainly because I think the baby I live with is also sick and tired of him screaming and fussing so she's yelling at him. Crying babies I can take. Yelling adults, not so much.

So I am off. First stop is going to be the walgreens where I will pick up a massive bottle of water and an even larger redbull. Because thats how I roll. Over caffinated and stuff.
Then to the Tux place to drop off the boys sizes thus far, and get the neck sizes of Van and Dad. Then off to the craft store in Algonquin to pick up more bags, which is silly because I can't actually do anything with them- but If I'm going to run errands I might as well get them all out of the way. I need to call Taylor stevens to see if they'll do the bridal package and how much that would cost for hair and makeup.

I also need to find a nail salon and book that appointment, and get the rest of the candy. It's going to be a long day, but I think being busy and out of this room will be good for me. Yay me!

Caffine, I'm coming!

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