Life has kinda thrown me for a loop, nothing bad mind you. Been hanging out at my moms more, which is good because she keeps me in check and tells me when I'm being a complete moron. Which sometimes is a lot more often than I need. She'll sit me down and talk about things, and listen to both sides (Pat..sigh.) and then offer advice and words of wisdom. And I don't say my mom is wise very often, but after so many kids she probably knows us better than we know ourselves.

Since the Emily fiasco of 09' I have found a new bridesmaid, who wears a size 9 so some alterations and the wedding will still be even, which I love. Yay Chantel! I have been babysitting for her, which was exhausting and tiring and what not. Took baby to his first diner, introduced him to yummy cottage cheese and hashrbowns. Been spending more time in the living room with Jes and Homie D thug, and its going to suck to not have a small child to play with whenever I want, but thats life, eh?

Been avoiding any real task, such as packing or sorting things. Which I'm not surprised at. I knew it would be the hardest part, seeing as its the one that sucks the most. "What? I can't possibly throw away this lawn gnome! George is my homie!" And then my mother rolls her eyes and puts him in the keep box. Granted, she may have thrown him away after all. But come on! That lawn gnome is from Crystal's 13th birthday. He's been with me 10 years! HOW DO YOU GET RID OF SOMETHING THAT AWEOSME!?

The other night I got drunk, SHOCK I KNOW, and wanted to watch the princess bride. So I tried to download it. Downloaded a virus instead. Whippee! Computer is fucked. I can still get online, which is great, but can't talk on MSN really, and the Virus scan isn't working.
The cost of having it fixed + Shipping = More than the computer itself cost. So.. yea. 50 bucks for a 600 dollar computer anyone?

vista. Lots of memory and Ram. Will do system restore before you get it. Yeah, cuz I'm awesome.
So yea, John is on the phone now so thats my cue to wrap this up. LATER KIDS.

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe you still have that gnome. I don't remember much but I remember that clear as day. We were little freaks.