Im not going to bend over backwards to make people happy. I'm not going to offer opinions to those who refuse to listen/follow them, even when asked for them. I'm not going to spend my life coddling people who refuse to say thank you.

I'm not your mother, any of you, so now it's time to focus on those who matter. Focus on those who appreciate me, who make me feel better about myself. Hell the people willing to offer encouragement and support with out being asked.

And more importantly it's time for me to put myself first, just a tiny bit. It'll be a struggle, but I think maybe at some point I can manage it. Because somewhere along the way, I got this crazy ass amazing support system, and even if I stumble in my quest to get rid of this self loathing and pity, they'll be there with a word or two to get me back on my feet.

And that is all any girl could ever hope/ask/wish for.

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