Never a moment of Peace

I want to comment on my current living arrangements. My roommate is back to normal. Life in this tiny apartment is pleasant. I still hide away in my room, but that has more to do with liking solitude and computer location rather than fear and annoyance.

Downside to this apartment complex? For the last 5 months or so there has been a couple who love to have screaming matches. Every night. It's become my daily guilty pleasure, to sit at the window with a cigarette and listen to the screaming that echos through the complex.
So as much as I enjoy my daily Verbal Soap Opera, I wish late at night she wouldn't stand in the parking lot sobbing, or early morning screaming at him.

Middle of the afternoon is a good time, but thats about it.

So as peaceful as it is in this particular apartment, 2B, the rest of the complex is noisy as hell. But it's only a few more months, and it's kinda become the norm.

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