I guess It's time to stop putting it off...

Jesus Christ it's been a while, hasn't it? I'd apologize, but I'm not the least bit sorry- I'm upset, but not sorry. Why am I upset? Because writers block, as a whole, is shitty. I have had many things happen in the last few weeks and all I can muster up to write about is lyrics and whatever the fuck else I said on here.

Seriously. Get. Me. Out. Of. My. Head. Plz.

Ok, so whats going on in the life of Jen? I quit my shitty ass job. I hated it. I wanted to quit. It just happened sooner rather than later. Am I sorry? Fuck no. Do I miss it? HELLZ NO.
Why'd I quit? Well other than the obvious, John and I were fighting and I realized that I couldn't do it. I couldn't go to work and pretend to give a shit about anything anyone said to me, so I turned around, called in and made up with John.

Wedding plans are coming along nicely. Few more bits and bobs to take care of, but essentially I'm done. Lets pat me on the back, shall we? I planned a wedding in a little over a month. That alone has to be record breaking.
Shipped Sarah's dress the other day. 140 dollar dress that weighs roughly 5lbs if that... 112 dollars to ship it. And no, it's not overnight. I was flabbergasted. Completely flabbergasted.
So yeah, next two days or so I'm counting dimes to get cigarettes, and not going anywhere because I have no gas or money.

Garage sale this weekend! Well.. Not this weekend, THIS COMING THURSDAY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY. If you know me IRL and you live near me, PLZ COME BUY MY STUFFS K? K.
That is all.

John has put an offer on an apartment. We're waiting to hear back from them. But it is the CUTEST little place, and it's not even that little. And get this.. KITCHEN HAS A WINDOW! I LOVE WINDOWS! IN KITCHENS! YAY!
So fingers crossed on that one, because he really wants the place, and so do I oddly enough. And as soon as he has it, we're hoping for me to fly out there to help pick out a bed, decorate a bit and maybe get some of my shit over because I'm scared to think how much it would be to ship a fucking box of books to England. My guess is a few hundred :(

I hate parting with my belongings, but its a necessary evil, I suppose.

Hmm, Im sure there was more to tell you, but I can't remember it- so we'll say goodnight to this blog post and hopefully tomorrow I'll figure it out/have more to say.

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