March 31st 1926- July 6th 2009

Today around 3:30Pm my grandma died. We knew it was coming, since they told us they didn’t expect her to live much longer yesterday night. I left work early, and then instead of going to the nursing home to be with her, I stayed home and pretended everything was ok. I am ok, but mostly I think it’s due to shock and my inability to feel real emotions.

So out of the lack of anything better to do, and feeling sentimental I bring you: Pictures of my superdisfunctionalandveryinsane family.



My grandparents were married 42 years. I know it seems hard to imagine, being related to me and all, these two were the nicest people I had ever met. Granted she was a bit crazy…

Mom Gma and JaneThis is my Mom’s friend from AA, My mom and my grandma.

Grandma 80sMy grandma in either the 70’s or the 80’s. She didn’t date or write on any of the millions of pictures, shame.   

Gmas BirthCertifGrandma’s Birth Certificate. I need to get it laminated or something, it’s in near tatters since it’s 83 years old..

Mom N MeMy mom and Me. Do you see the insanity that was my wardrobe? I thought I was the coolest kid in the world with my elastic sleeves with ruffles…

Six year old PatCheck out those ears! My lovely brother Pat, at 6 yrs old.

PatJenny and HopeMe and my little sister Hope. God we’re so young…

7-6-2009 9;25;05 PMI’m loving the magenta, aren’t you? Stylish old man. bwahaha.

7-6-2009 9;26;42 PMSome dinner some where. God shoulder pads were hot.

       7-6-2009 9;28;06 PM

7-6-2009 9;29;09 PM  My mom in the olden days. It makes me happy to know that I’m not the only Boyd who was forced to wear ruffles and sport a mullet.

7-6-2009 9;30;35 PMBaby Jen and then Pat and Jenny @ 12 &11 I believe?

7-6-2009 9;31;52 PMI love that they’re holding hands.  

7-6-2009 9;32;58 PM High waisted pants? Check. Matching shoes? Check. Ridiculous Hat? Checkity Check check.

7-6-2009 9;34;39 PM My mom and Fritz the hot dog dog. Do you see now why I want one?

7-6-2009 9;35;32 PMMe and Pat. God 4&3 maybe? I don’t know anymore.

7-6-2009 9;36;31 PMHalloween when I was 6 maybe? I had no teeth! Or pants.. Hmm.

7-6-2009 9;37;24 PMMoment of seriousness: I want to inherit this outfit. (Told ya she was crazy…)

7-6-2009 9;38;23 PMPat, Hope and myself. I think it was my birthday.

7-6-2009 9;39;07 PMSHOULDER PADS!

7-6-2009 9;40;01 PMI was so cool it hurts me to look at this picture. Seriously, I’m in pain.      

7-6-2009 9;41;19 PM Me and My dad in Chicago. Look at how cool he is. LOLOL.

7-6-2009 9;42;33 PMI don’t know who this is, but I love how they’re in a cage.

7-6-2009 9;43;38 PMThe caption on the back reads:   “The Day you were locked in the bathroom March 16th 2000” I’m scared to think who exactly was locked in the bathroom…

7-6-2009 9;45;14 PMBoth of my grandmas chilling at the Maxted’s house. 

Theres more, but Emily’s here and theres rum to be had!

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