Help me

I want to move out. Of this apartment. I want to get the hell out of dodge and either get my own place or move in with Jo-Anne. I need to.
I went to go to the bathroom and in the toilet is the remains of Joey's joint. I figured it was just a cigarette except tobacco isn't green. Not even the menthol kind.

So now my bathroom smells like pot. I don't know how "Please don't bring drugs into the apartment" translated into "Hey, Get high in my bathroom" but it did.

And now I want out. I do, I need to get out of here seeing as neither of them have any respect for me at all. I need to get out of here for my sanity. I Just need to. But I don't know how. Do I continue paying rent? Do I buy out of my lease and say "Sorry fucker." I don't know what to do.
I'm so confused, and as much as I love being on my own, I hate who I moved out with even more.

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Cassiopeia said...

Give your landlord one month notice of you leaving and then peace out. Tell him/her that they're doing drugs in the house and you're not comfortable staying in there. I'm pretty sure that's all you need to do.