Ugh. Why am I awake?

Oh thats right, my dad is taking me to dinner, so I have to be awake at nine. (You figure that one out, I can't.)

So softball. Saturday I completely forgot about it, woke up at 11 and showered and John reminded me that I had to go, so I called Jo and hauled ass over to the fields. I got my awesome Heatwave shirt, which I'm uber excited about. We stood around talking and supervising for three or four hours, while I worked on my sunburn. At four I had to go to work, but promised to be there the next day.

Sunday I called in sick to work, since I agreed to help all day a few months ago and forgot, And at 530am I got dressed and headed to the fields yet again. Only difference is I stopped and picked up cigarettes and some redbull this time.
It's so cold out at 530am. Like, cold enough to die a slow frozen death. And the sun? God damn it's bright.

So We start hauling boxes and coolers and boxes from the cars to the various tables and I'm thinking about how tired I am and how fucking cold out it is. Thankfully it started to warm up so I rolled up my sleeves and started the process of getting Skin Cancer.

More people started showing up so we started up the grill so we could all have our 9am hotdog. Slowly things were starting to come together, coolers were filled, people were getting some coffee in them which helped.

The day went on with out a hitch. I went to go get Emily at 11ish because I was cooked and needed to get out of the sun. We had lunch at Applebees because if I had one more burger I'd die a horrible cow related death. So we finish eating, and I finished my delicious and much needed beer, and we headed back to my house to pick up my Camera.

We get to the field around 2ish and hear Jo-Anne has been hit with a ball. I flip out, but keep it in. (This woman is tiny, those balls are not.) She's fine, but I'm waiting on her hand and foot. They need us to run out and get more coke and something else that I forgot. I brought it back and then after an hour or so Emily wants to leave, so I drop her off.

I get back with Starbucks in hand and Jo-Anne is hiding in the equipment shed, apparently two more balls have nearly hit her at this point and she's been banished. The day resumes until Another foul ball comes our way and she's hiding behind the door screaming, "NOT AGAIN! NOT AGAIN!!" And I'm laughing my ass off to much to care about being hit.

But I feel for the lady, last year I got hit in the center of my back from a foul ball. I walked it off. hah. I told her to suck it up, she smacked my sunburn :(

A bit later, I'm helping Doya on the grill, and all the sudden this girl swings and you hear the TINK of a foul ball off the bat and we just watch as it's headed straight to Jo. We all yell "UP" and she's ducking and hiding under a flimsy Aluminum pan, and I'm laughing again. Next thing I know she's got a bucket on her head and I'm convulsing with laughter.

She heads to the porta Potty, sans bucket, and comes out laughing. She's telling me she hit her head in teh porta potty and I'm looking at this crazy woman and point to the shed and yell, "Thats it, Get your bucket and go to your shed!" lol.

the night was closing quickly, and we were packing up the cars and the sun was setting (Thank god) My car is stuffed with coolers, Charcoal, Buns and fritos. there is no room for anyone but me.
Well I went to back into the grass so I could get out of there and BAM I hit a fucking tree. (Can't see out the back window. :( ) Well I look out my window and yell, "Who the fuck put the tree there?" and Jo comes over all worried, "No no, I'm fine." I tell her as I get out. We check the damage and I'm all "Thank god David hit me and I never got that fixed, since it looks just fine to me." And then I'm babbling about how it's a rum night.

We say goodbye yet again and I manage to get out of there with out anymore incident. Get home, slather on some Aloe and painfully go to bed. Next one is in July, maybe by then I'll own some Sunblock, huh?

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