A letter to a friend..

Dear Emily,
Over the last 40 or so years we've become tight. Like a tiger. And you know, if you weren't there when I hit that retarded cripple, I'd have lost my mind. And when you lost your leg in Nam? That was tough, but we got through it didn't we?
I mean we laugh a lot, and there's jokes. But at the end of the day I just want to thank you. Because I'd have died with out that fraction of your liver, and props for the kidney as well. I hope my Spleen treats you well. And maybe that whole "Glass Eye" Issue wont freak out your next boyfriend so much, huh?
I'll miss you, and if we were the huggin' type I'd be the syrup and you could be my waffle, because you're totally my dick in a box.

Mother Lover,

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