Hello readers!

Hey folks! How you doing? I feel like it's been ages since I've written anything, because in all honesty it has been. I feel empty with out my blog, I feel like I have nothing going on when I don't update although the last week has been one of the best and busiest of my life. I've been here and there doing all sorts of wonderful things.
I've been writing it all down in a notebook because it's going to be epic. the longest post I've ever written and figure I will wait until I can't sleep one night to get it all down. I mean I have 14 days of things to write about.

But I can give you some of the highlights at the moment. I am in England, sleeping in a massive tent with John having a wonderful time. I've been shopping twice, to paris, France once and finally found two pairs of NICE shoes that FIT me. I've taken a train under the sea, I've climbed to the top of Notre dame and tried Fish and chips. I've been out drinking, I've had a proper curry and my personal favorite is that I now have a shiney pink phone to use tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow it's my birthday, which makes me the grand total of 23 years old for those of you keeping score. Tomorrow we're going to a greek place with John's friends and siblings. After that we're going to some pub club where I can shake my groove thing if I so choose to do so. Oddly enough, for once, I am looking forward to my birthday. Instead of wondering if people will call me and say happy birthday, I will go out with them and probably have the best party of all time- granted nothing will top Emily's birthday for me. :)

So thats my life at the moment in a nutshell, we're looking into the visa information, and it's going to be a long 6 months where I can not work- but I figure with a puppy and a kitchen I shall be quite content. I miss everyone back home and I can't wait to get back to the sweltering heat and tornado warnings. And my car. God I miss my car.

Im really upset that I left a ruben and a chicken sandwich in the back seat of that car, it's going to reek when I get back.

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