So yesterday I was at work talking about my upcoming trip and how my manager, the idiot Mike, Gave me three extra days off and thus I have three days to play the Sims 3 (Which I bought) and drink and celebrate life with Emily so she doesn't feel abandoned.

Well someone asked when I'm married if I was going to live in England. I said no, and then wondered why. My biggest tie here has always been my friends and family, but since I only have a few friends, and my family isn't going anywhere.. Theres nothing really tying me down.

So I made the choice to move to England. The adventure I've been craving for has been in front of me for years. There are new friends to be made, and new family to have.. They wont replace anyone, (EMILY) but they will make it easier. And my biggest fear has been working full time at Walmart, a job I hate and can't fucking stand. And it makes more sense to have John, who has a great job that can support us while I look for work. It seems sensible, no?

So I decided to do it. What is life with out living, eh? Here I am presented with this amazing chance to do something out of character and unpredictable and instead of hiding in the box I've lived in for so long out here in Illinois, I'm going to move 6000 miles away.

I'm so excited. Frightened a bit, but mostly excited. So thats why. I'm sorry Em, and all my family. But I will have a 2-3 week trip each year, and I will be home for certain holidays. AND YOU CAN COME TO ENGLAND TO VISIT!? I see no downside. Other than it'll be hard to get a unicorn on a plane...


Big Jen said...

Ok - a phone call would have been a much better way to find out or oh yeah in person when u come over on Sunday - but how cool is that!!! Now I have a reason to visit England - which i have always wanted to do!!! will the wedding be here or there? or both? Marry in one spot have a party/reception at the other? Well I will still love u just the same no matter how far away u r (ok maybe a little more if you move so I can put another stamp in my passport hahaha). how very exciting!!!! and u know u can always come home.

Anonymous said...

hi, i randomly read your blog and just wanted to tell you that i would move in a heartbeat.. its a great opportunity to expand your life and have an amazing time with your husband. best of luck!