An attempt at Vlogging

Note: Sorry it's so blastedly long. Next time I'll try to keep it shorter, eh? But get used to these. When I move it's going to be a massive way for me to communicate with my family and other people I deem worthy.

So yay or Nay to the Vlog? Because if it's a nay I wont do it again until desperately needed. But I wanted to do something different and fun.


MrK said...

Big thumbs up for the VBolg Jen I'm sure your family would appreciate seeing you as you talk about your life especially if you're going to be so far away. As soon as you're used to talking to a camera freely there'll be no stopping you! Good job, even if you should have been sleeping! :p


Jen said...

Psh. Sleep is for the weak. Or small children. Who I guess are weak. And old people. Also weak. So what I mean is.

Sleep is for the weak.