Girls Just Wanna Have fun!

Yesterday afternoon I woke up only to grab my phone and call a half a dozen numbers in hopes that one of them would be Chantel’s house number that I had foolishly forgotten to save. Or so I thought.

I had about  4 different numbers for her, various cell phones and things, and Jes had two.

Thankfully, one of them worked and I headed over to her house to pick her up for lunch thinking Jes would be right behind us.

Bitch, Why you be messin wit mah homie?

So Chantel, Nevaha, Mathew and myself get to Fridays and get a table that I believe was meant to seat 16. We then proceed to cover the entire table in our crap. Jes showed up after we had ordered and eaten our appetizer but it was no big thing. I had two glasses of wine and (Horrah!) Jes had a mudslide.

"What kind of cross dresser doesn't have lipstick?"I watched Chantel color in “Bobby” on the menu who I had made a cross dressing hooker. She was very upset that there was no red for his lips, “eh, make em’ blue it still gets cold at night on the streets of Chi!”

Our food quickly came and we ate and talked and laughed. With several breaks to go outside to smoke, bringing the young girl with us who was getting squirmy. Apparently 4 year olds do not appreciate the magic of sitting in a restaurant for nearly 5 hours laughing and gabbing.

Sometimes you just have to entertain yourself.


After lunch had ended, us having a damn good time laughing and joking, we all went our separate ways. But after having a fucking Kick ass afternoon with my two best friends, I can only say that we should all get together far more often than once a month.



After we got back to Chantel’s house she made it her mission to clean out my car, which is quite the task. She got through that and I had to leave, heading to my mom’s to say hi before coming home.


On the way home Amy B. from Applebee’s called me and needed me to edit her English final. I told her to come on over and I will go over it with her. It took a few hours, and I cooked dinner as well, but all in all it was a relaxing day for me.


Although that very well could have been the two glasses of wine.

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