Bank Of Jen: Closed

This afternoon my brother called me. I wished him a happy birthday and he instantly asked me for cash because his car got booted.
Boo-Mother-Fucking-hoo. I told him to get a job. "But Jenny, you don't understand." "No, I do. You need to get a job. How about this Pat, if you want to call me to say hi and talk, thats great but if you want to call to ask for money, don't fucking bother. The bank of Jen is closed." And then I hung up on him.

Welcome back Spine, I missed you.


Libërty said...

But for his birthday??

..No...I get what you're saying. It'll always be *Something*.

big jen said...

Good job Jen - proud of you!!!!!

KLo said...

It drives me crazy when people call only when they want something.

There are a lot of times when I see certain numbers on my Caller ID and just let it go to voicemail (that I often delete without even listening) because I know that it's just going to be a request for money or a bitchfest. Sadly, my brother's is one of those numbers.

Anyway, I'm glad you've rediscovered your spine, and I hope things look up : )