My Colon is trying to kill me...

...After this it should be a semicolon.

*Ba Dam Cha!* Grammar humor mixed with potty humor is the best. So things have happened in my life. Good things, for the most part. John got in on Saturday and we spent the afternoon doing something that I can't remember. Then we headed to my sisters house to pick her and her friends up. After dropping them off John and I headed off in the pimp Minivan (That I now wish to own) and picked up Emily.

We drove to McHenry to eat at Green Pea-pod, a Thai restaurant, but they were far too busy, it being valentines day and all. So we changed plans and went to the Chinese buffet instead.
May I just take a moment to tell you all how in High school Brittani and I would go to the buffet at least once a week? There is a love between buffets and me, instilled since I was a small child.

So John, Emily and myself over indulged in the deliciousness of mediocre Chinese food before piling back into the mini van to drop Miss. Emily off. All the while I am trying to figure out how to make the damn DVD play so Emily can watch WALL-E in the back.

We head back to the apartment, sans Emily with about 3 hours to kill. We were both tired as hell. Me because I stayed awake until three AM and him because he had worked 12 hours and then got on a flight to America.

My sister called right as we were about to leave asking if 11pm was too late. I informed her no, even though we were both dead tired. I know she doesn't get to do this all that much, being a mom and all. So I wanted her to live it up. Plus after a vacation and seeing her mother in law who I'm sure she adores greatly...She probably needed a drink or six.

John and I pull past the bar they were at and I kept going because I was going to circle the block. All of the sudden I hear shrieking behind me, "Wait! Stop! TAXI!!!" and I hit the brakes and start laughing. Three middle aged (Sorry.) women chasing after the mini van waving carnations around in the air.
It was a sight to behold I must say.

They got in the car and they were a riot. Cougar talk, talk of children and laughter. Turns out they ran out on the check, which I find hilarious. Shitty service = No pay, dammit. So I condone their behavior.
After we dropped them off John and I headed home ready for sleep. Poor boy was dying of exhaustion and I was near that point.

And that's all for right now. You get Saturday. When I get back from my dads I will tell you about Sunday and Monday, with pictures included!


big (middle aged) jen said...

omg how dare u call me middle aged! I must say this was quite fun to read. SOrry we kept you up so late and again - I thank you!!!!

Jen said...

Any time, you should know this. :D As long I don't have work I'm game for a bunch of hilarity like that one. :p