The rest of the recap! Horrah!

Sorry, I was going to do it last night but since it snowed here the drive home took me two hours instead of one. I was tired as fuck afterwards, but as promised I have an update for you with kitties! Horrah!

So Sunday I worked, I'm not sure how long or what I did exactly but I know I worked. I recall it not being that much fun to start with. But it got better, like when I got to go home.

Saturday we woke up at the ass crack of dawn to drive to my sisters house. Alex had his annual doctors checkup and I got the pleasure of babysitting Miss. Emily which was a riot. You know, with my two hour nap and all.

We started off the day by watching Madagascar 2. Emily was not awake yet and as you can see in the picture thrilled to bits for me to be there. "Mother, I will scream at you a thousand times for this torture!" is the caption I have given this picture. Poor girl was quite the sport at 7am.

So Madagascar was finished and Emily wanted to play dress up. John for some horrible reason (I think he hates children, to be honest) REFUSED THIS ADORABLE LITTLE GIRL!!!!

How dare he not put on a tiara and prance around having tea parties! Come now! He's excellent at them, he is British!

Emily decided that princesses do not wear pull ups and promptly sat down to change. This picture was just too cute not to share with the world. LOL.

I suggested that instead of me playing princess (Really enjoying sitting at 8am) I would be the photo person and she could have a fashion shoot. She loved the idea and started to pose.

Only problem with that is sometimes even princesses get distracted by whats on the TV....

Emily then realized she had no crown or tiara on and ran upstairs. We heard her talking to something/Someone and I called up to her, "OH! I'm Playing up here!" she yelled back. Adorable really. And then she graced us all with the entrance to end all entrances. I should take some pointers from her, honestly. She has this happy princess thing down pat.
We played princess for another half an hour or so, until she grew bored of it and then decided she had had enough.

She took off the dress and the tiara and came to sit on the couch with me. I was not done taking pictures though. She went with the "Ignore her and maybe she will go away" tactic. And boy howdy it worked. When she did not pay attention to me, I put the camera away. Smart girl, this one. She's also sitting behind my legs because I think she was cold. The poor girl. Life of a princess is very hard.
After we left my sisters house we headed off to do somethings. All of which I can't remember. I think it involved shopping for the ingredients to make lasagna and also to the pet place to see the...KITTIES!

And because John is sitting behind me and very hungry, I'm going to upload the pictures of the cats and call it a day.
The lone cat is Betsy, the one I want to adopt and bring home with me. The second one... Well its Kitty Heaven of course!

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