Morning Sunshine!

Sorry guys, I thought when I changed the Ads yesterday I made it so the banner would go NEXT to the blog. I was wrong. Horribly, horribly wrong. So I have learned that whenever I change something I should click that magical little "Preview button." Yes.

Yesterday was a good day, which shocked the hell out of me. I figured I'd mope around and see my dad and then mope around some more. This was not the case.
I woke up and sat out in the living room talking to Jes. Turns out her phone was shut off because Joey, who promised to pay the phone bill, had not done that. He also snuck out that morning without saying anything and took the car all day.

Jes and I headed to the bank, to get her the money for rent. And to her bank so she could deposit it. Then we went to Applebees to have lunch and laugh and joke. We had a blast. And I got to see my David who I hugged and told him I missed him. Glimmer of happiness for me! Well more than a glimmer I suppose.

Then my dad called and we headed back to the apartments since you know, he did drive an hour and then some to see his favorite daughter. My dad and I talked and he's willing to put forth a grand or more towards the wedding, which I insisted he didn't have to do. (You know, in that half hearted manner so it looks like you're being nice? yep.) but he wants too, and I want him too, and it's totally awesome.

We went to Walmart to get the chairs and table for the balcony. I also got a planter, some of that seed sprouting shit my mom used last year and seeds. I'm going to have a garden on my balcony! Horrah!

After we got back my dad left and Jes and I sat in the living room hanging out, talking, chilling maxin' all cool. I finally migrated into my room because I was tired and then proceeded to stay awake until 2 am. Good times.

I'm sure I had more to say, but I'm hungry and this diet coke sitting next to me isn't going to drink itself!

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