I am such a copy cat!

Wendie (I spelled her name wrong, thus I suck.) posted on her site the link to the blogger awards. She has a shot at winning where as I, probably do not. But I nominated myself anyway and would like to see how many votes I actually get. Day after day my numbers are climbing and thats what keeps me writing, the fact that people not only read what I have to say but give a big enough crap to come back and see if I've said more.

Fills my heart with warm fuzzies, honest.

So heres the link. Click it or don't. I'm still going to whore it out ;)

My site was nominated for Best Blog About Blogging!


Wendie said...

Well even though you spelled my name wrong, I voted for you. xo

Jen said...

You know, I read something today that said, "Wendy was made up for "Peter Pan" and I went, "But she doesn't spell it that way." so I will edit and apologize and smile happily.