Fastforward and rewind: A week in Review

Hello faithful readers, sorry I have neglected you but John was here and I had to work. So every other minute was filled with kissy face and being sickly cute.
But lets start this bitch off right, shall we?

Monday night, I slaved away in the kitchen preparing a lasanga of kings before passing out from being up at 5am. Tuesday I had to work so I got up and John made me coffee and brought me a bowl of cereal, which was sweet of him.
Work was work, nothing stood out in my mind other than the fact that I was told that my pants were not "Dress code appropriate." which I was waiting for, and told them so.
Since you know, they were spattered with blue ink everywhere and torn and ragged at the bottoms.

Then John and I had a nice romantic evening at the laundry mat where we did all of my washing, and dried it for about 30 bucks. Had a dinner of pizza and calzones to the sounds of the rinse cycle. This is stuff love is made of, you know. (Correction: We did this Sunday Night. Sunday, not Tuesday.)

We headed back and put my laundry away, both of us dead tired but wanting to get it done. My closet is neater and he has space for his clothes now. Which is good.

Tuesday he baked a cake while I was at work. Bit crisp on top, but with enough icing you couldn't tell and it was delicious. Yes.

Wednesday I had the day off and we spent it driving to my dads house and eating. My brother, who had 2 weeks notice if not more, bailed on us and offered no real reason why. My father and I our writing him off completely. If he can't be bothered to care, then neither can we. that is all.

Dinner was delicious but then it started to snow. Bad snow too. Took us two hours to drive home when it normally takes about an hour. We stopped at a gas station and I wandered around for 20 minutes because I was frazzled and didn't want to get back in the car. I don't like almost dying, and I don't like it when I have to focus so intently on not doing so.

Thursday we did a lot of stuff, one of them being sitting around. But I honestly cant remember what. This is why I should blog on a daily basis. Seriously.
Friday and Saturday I worked, but Saturday I came home after teaching John to cook chicken over the phone and continued making dinner.

We ate and then played some guitar hero and had an entire bottle of vodka. I thought the boy was going to die. Which I will blog about later in detail because its funny as hell...

Sunday he recovered from his hangover and I slept more. We drove to Noodles and Co for lunch before meeting with the realtor about houses. Turns out theres about 88 listings for three bedroom, basement and garage. Some of them are really nice, and all of them are under the price we're looking for. I was shocked and super excited. We headed to my parents house to talk to them and ended up staying an hour.
We went back to the apartment to lounge about and clean and pack. And then we picked up Emily and left.

That is all for now, its the day after and John just logged on the internets which means I should pay attention to him. Or you know, play the sims.

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