You will be mine...

So, I have decided since my last post that I will be getting that coffee maker. I need it. I can not live with out it. And sure 50 bucks seems a bit pricey, but it will be well worth it when I am caffeinated and no longer a raging bitch in the morning. (Think about the children!)

So if you are a kind person and wish to donate a dollar or two.. or even fifty I'm sure there is some magical way to do it on pay pal. And I will soon figure it out, I promise. But until then, please keep clicking the ads and pretending every once in a while it's something that interests you. Because since November, I have made no money off those annoying things.

I have created a pay pal account... Jenboyd620@Yahoo.com... But I have no idea how to set it up so you click a button, put in your information and BAM your money is mine! But don't worry.. I will figure it out and until then... Well... I have coffee.

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Anonymous said...

ok, so having just read through your blogs, i have a few comments
1. i have faith in your writing. if someone doesnt hire you, its cause they are retarded, not cause you arent a great writer.
2. i know i have faith because i intentionally look up your blog when bored and read through your life (its like i know someone famous!)
3. i want more lasagna.
that is all