The words mean something, I'm sure of it!

I'm in one of my moods where I want to write but have no idea what to say. I wanted to RP on Mafia.org but John has gone and been a doo doo head and flown to Atlanta (in game) and thus leaving me stranded in Miami with no bar to post in.

So here I am, empty daunting text box just waiting to be filled with my thoughts. I have millions of them but I'm not sure which one to focus on right now. I do enough bitching about Jes to last a lifetime and we all know I have amazing friends.

Perhaps I should write about how I don't want to work at Walmart for the rest of my life and it scares me that perhaps I will have too. I'm also worried that when the baby gets here I'm going to hate Jes and everything that she has turned into.

But if I can manage to get another job then perhaps I can move out completely on my own. Sure it'll be lonely but I don't want to move back home, and I may not want to stay here. I get annoyed with her so easily. Our electric is 180 this month, meaning I have to cough up 90 bucks and I am positive I didn't use that much electricity. I wish there was a magical way to break it down to see what outlet used what and such.
Theres no way I used that much, my room could be the fridge its that cold.

But alas, I will suck it up and move forward because I dont like to upset people, and even if I did, "She's pregnant" which is her constant excuse for everything. Like today she can haul up bags upon bags of things filled for the baby but she can't take the damn garbage out. Just because Joey does it does not mean you don't have too. Much like the dishes, you have the ability to do those as well. I know, shocking isn't it?

Ugh, I've gone off on a rant again. Perhaps this moving in with a pregnant chick wasn't the brightest of my ideas. I saw how anal she was at work about cleaning things and assumed she'd be the same way here. Boy howdy I was wrong.

I need to sleep. Mainly because if I don't I'll go suffocate her while she does.


MrK said...

Hey you, like I said before if you need someone to stand up for you, I am that guy and I will tell her what she needs to hear.

There's two of you living there and she needs to show you some respect.

I think I know now why you are sad, I'm sorry I'm not there right now.

Love you <3

W said...

Have you SAID anything to her about the things that are bothering you?