To Jessica...

Dear Roommate,
I understand that you are extremely pregnant at this time, but here are a few things I think we need to work on. (Read: YOU.)

First off, I did all of the dishes in the sink last night, because they were mine. I put dishes in the dishwasher but did not run it because there is still space. I woke up this morning to a dirty bowl and spoon in the sink. Have you forgotten where the dish washer is? Have you forgotten how to turn it on if it is full? If so, let me know. I will teach you again!

Also, the garbage that is piling up. I will take out the bag today before I leave for work, because you shouldn't be carrying heavy things. But the box and the empty pop bottles are something you can carry so why are they still sitting on the floor? Did you forget where the dumpster is?

Also, the lights. If no one is awake and you are leaving, perhaps you should turn them off. Also if you're going to get food and come sit watching tv in the living room, turn your tv off in your room. Theres no one in there to enjoy it!

And please, don't think I am being to harsh, because I'm not. These are simple little things that we can both do, well I happen to be doing and you.. well not so much. And if your doctor says that you can't load or unload a dishwasher, please tell me. But until that day comes, when you're on bed rest again, perhaps you should pitch in and fucking clean up after yourself.

Love always,
Your roommate.

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MrK said...

Oh baby! I know this is not funny to you at all, I know it's actually getting on your nerves now but you have a way of writing thing that makes me smile. I couldn't help it, I eventually started to giggle and then by the end I was laughing.

I love you, I hope this gets better.