New Years: The bane of my life

This morning I woke up and headed to Applebees to say hi to Jes and Jo. Ended up heading home and cooking out of boredom. Emily came over and we took down the tree. I ended up ranting and raving about nothing for an hour and Emily cleaned my entire kitchen. Which would normally be a good thing, but it means I now have nothing to do for the next few hours until I can blissfully pass out.

I hate new years. I hate being on my own for it. My friends have plans that dont include me, hell even my pregnant roommate is off doing lord knows what. So here I am all alone. I've already had one drink, dont know if I'm going to have another.

I moved out hoping that in some way I'd be less depressed and more social. Tonight proves that my hopes were full of shit. I don't want to watch tv, read, sit online or even play the sims. there is nothing in this apartment that makes me think "Oh good idea!" I'm bored out of my fucking mind and there is no one here to talk too.

I'm so lame even I don't want to hang out with myself.

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