Things I should have learned by now

Tonight at work I had an hour lunch and like all of my hour lunches I headed outside to smoke, then stopped at subway and finally hit up the book section of the store. I picked out a book by Johanna Lindsey, a favorite of mine ever since I was younger. I had about 30 minutes left and headed to the break-room to read. Managed to get 77 pages in and knew it was going to be hard to put down.

I got through the rest of my shift and headed home knowing full well that I was going to read some more tonight. I forgot, that when I start a book I can not pause in the middle of it only to pick it up again later. I immerse myself in the book, envisioning the characters, feeling their emotions and rooting for good to win over evil. Every time, and you would think after 16 years of reading I'd have learned this by now, but no.

So here I sit at 2:30 Am smiling over the romance and the happy ending. Thrilled that Tristan turned out to be a great guy (Although I knew he would...even if I had my doubts in the start.) and that Bettide lived and so did her daughter. And I've realized that every time I put one of these books down after finishing it, I'm happy but then I am instantly hit with sadness.
Because if theres anything these romance, love filled books make me want to do, it's hug John.

Now I am filled with a strange mixture of emotions not really sure which one is the most important. (Probably the sleepiness) but on the upside, Walmart has caused me to start reading a lot more!

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