The news is depressing

I was coming home today from work and happened to be listening to news radio, this story broke my heart.

"A Lincolnshire day-care center employee was ordered held in lieu of $5 million bail today, accused of killing a 16-month-old boy when she lost her temper and threw him to the ground earlier this week, authorities said...

Scheller said Calusinski was a teacher's aide at the center. She initially told detectives that the child was sitting up and fell backward, hitting his head on the floor. When detectives told her that didn't match their evidence, she allegedly told them she accidentally dropped the child and his head struck a small nursery chair.

Investigators examined the chairs in the room and determined "that's not possible," Scheller said.

When they confronted her with this, the prosecutor said, Calusinski confessed that she was frustrated and became angry because the child was being noisy.

"She demonstrated how she held the child under his arms and slammed him down on the linoleum floor once," Scheller said. "He rolled over, grabbed his blanket, which was in reach, and crawled to a bouncy chair and passed out."

That last part there, that I bolded... Thats the part that made me almost break down crying in my car.

Sometimes, I just seriously fucking hate this world we live in. I can't sleep and can't stop looking up morbid dead baby stories. There is a board for Army wives or something online, and they were debating if a day care provider out of her home, who went to change a diaper in another room, is to blame for a 7 year old in her care unstrapping a baby from its carseat, picking it up and dropping it. May I mention that the law requires her to change diapers in another room.

People are ignorante and hateful.
Its times like these where I strongly believe in the death penalty.

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Sarah said...

How fucking awful!!! I burst into tears when I read this at work. I'd have to KILL that bitch - I am the fiercely protective mother of a fifteen month old and I couldn't ever imagine hurting my child or allowing the person that hurt my child to live. :(