Kitty says Mehr?

Well its official folks! I'm getting a cat sometime before I die.
I finally admitted to myself and others that being in this apartment is lonely as hell since my roommate hides away and doesn't even say hello to me in response to my greeting.
So I'm getting a cat. I spent yesterday watching training videos and reading about cats. Then I went on helpingpaws.net and looked at the cats. There was a pretty one named Abbey who is 2 years old and I want her.

Only problem is, cats cost money. Something I dont have a whole lot of at this point. So just to keep myself chipper and not go inside in this quiet ass apartment, I will keep thinking about Marmalade Steve Dick Martin Amadeus and hope that soon I can afford her.

In other news, I hate laundry. Cleaning is fun. And I need more diet coke.

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