Numbers Ain't Got Nuttin' On Me!

I'm in a much better mood than I have been in days. I had a breakdown the other night, crying and being upset about anything and everything that I could. And at the end of it all the weight was off my shoulders and I could smile again with out having to force it.

Currently, I'm on a high. Not a drug high, but one of pride and happiness. I have taken the same math class four times while in College. Each time I decided I was too good and stopped going. Well this time around, I've not missed a single class and my test grades have so far been 99%, 94% and 99%. Which gives me an average of about 95-97%

I will be getting out of this math class with an A.

I can not stop smiling over this, and it thrills me to bits.

In other news, come Monday my English class will be reading my memoir I wrote years ago about the day I was told my mom had AIDS. I'm scared shitless. I do not like people reading my writing, and more importantly I do not like people flat out telling me what they think of my paper with out me being able to respond. (Oh yes, I can not speak during this.)
I have a feeling I'll be hitting someone with my car on "Accident" when this class is over.

tomorrow is Day one of Softball tournament #2 and I'm excited to have something to do.
I want to get a job, but it's the summer. Can't I have fun instead? *whines*

I'll try to post sometime over the weekend, but don't expect me to be around much.

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