Helloooo? I'm a caaaaar...

I haven't abandoned you, my two readers. Heh. I've just not been in a mood to write. Actually, thats a damn lie, I'm always in the mood to write, I just don't know what to say most of the time.
Before I had a job and I could bitch about it (Walmart) and I had things to do and places to go and little dramas and adventures that amused me and I wanted to write them down.
The biggest issue in my life right now is a tie between quitting smoking and the fact that I could be lactose intolerant. I know, DRAMAZING.

Life exists as normal. Or as normal as the two most fucked up people to ever grace this planet can act. I have dishes to do. Sleep that I need, seeing as its 5am here. But no, these things will not happen. Because there is a car, somewhere out there, with an alarm that has been going off constantly all night. And because I have this horrible cough that has been happening all night.

Finally took some cough meds though. How responsible of me. I haven't found the car yet, but when I do I'm going to fucking light that shit on fire so fast, those damn Foxes with their kangaroo buddy won't know what the fuck just happened.
*Cough* Crabby Jen is crabby.

There was more to update you guys on, I'm sure of it. I can't remember anything so instead have a picture of something from England.

I'll write up a post in the next few days about our *Magical* adventure where I was forced to wander through the city for hours on end, walking mile after mile and taking picture after picture. It was awesome. There is still so much to see and do, but I'm not in any rush seeing as when my crazy family swoops into town I'll be forced to do it all again, so might as well enjoy it with them instead of secretly hating it like I do when it comes to visiting things in Chicago that I've been dragged to a million times.

So yeah. Thats my update. Fantastic wasn't it? Now I need to go find that fucking car...

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