Few things to mention

We've finally set a date, November 28th of this year. 131 days away I believe, which is just around the corner when you look at it like that.

My mind wont shut up. And regardless of what I do, it continues. Movies aren't helping, doodling isn't helping, writing is a joke and even throwing myself into music and books isn't helping. It's nearly 5am and I can't sleep because my damn brain wont switch off for the night.

Something has triggered this beast inside me, and I can't tell if it's good or bad. Bad obviously, since I'm still awake- but I have no idea if this is going to be a bad drop, or maybe no drop and just productivity?
Only time will tell, and until then I should do whatever it is my brain thinks is best, minus the not sleeping business. Even though doodling at 5am is exciting and all, I can only write "Fuck. Buck. Duck. Luck. Fuck. Luck. Duck. Buck" in cursive so many times before I start onto stars, hearts and various hair styles.

I wish writing would take my brain to a different place, but it doesn't. Doodling doesn't either but at least I can keep constantly busy with my hands instead of pausing every few seconds to try to think of phrasing, spelling or grammar.

So yeah. This blog is not what I wanted it to be about. But hey, at least the wedding got a shout out, right?

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