Best Almost Birthday EVER.

I've been sitting here for like 20 minutes wondering how to put such amazing fun in words, but we're going to give it a shot. Yesterday was my "Birthday Celebration" with Emily since I will be gone for my actual birthday. We had a fucking RIOT.

She came over and I made us both french toast, which was delicious. While I waited for my camera battery to charge she did the dishes out of boredom. After we were ready to go we headed to the Police station to take a picture of the horse, that proves we aren't crazy. After that it was a quick trip to Jo-Anne's to get all of the shit out of my car.

With that done we were off to my Mom's house to play in the park and eat delicious rubens. Mmm. so we drag my little sister Hope along with us, because we've been discussing the need for a Lackey for days now, and finally an opportunity knocked and we took that bitch! My sister proceeded to film and take pictures of us acting like complete morons. Because thats how we roll, down hills, in woods, in wood-chips.. We like rollin k?

We headed back to my moms to eat and help Van with his Math, gave up and left.
Got back here to the apartment and while Emily napped for two hours, I uploaded the pictures and movies. Heh. She woke up, freaked out and left.
Went to pick her up after I had packed all my laundry into bags, then headed to Walmart to get booze.
The lines were too long and there was a girl there wearing, and I wish I was making this up, a pair of Beige boy shorts, a jacket and snow boots. I wish I had my camera because it was just fucking funny.

We gave up on Walmart and went to Jewel where we got the small bottle of Jager. We then went and started my laundry. We snuck off to the bathroom, doing shots and passing the can of redbull around. We were drunk, kicking the door and moaning so they would think we were lesbians instead of two girls getting drunk in a bathroom.

Well the Jager ran out, so we trekked to the Gas station, singing dear prudence, which should have been a sign that we probably didn't need more. They appreciated the singing, but informed us there was no jager. We were sad, so we went back to jewel. lol. Singing to people in a gas station, we're nuts.

So more jager acquired and laundry now in dryers I went to the bathroom and leaned out calling, "Come to me Lova" And emily giggling as she stumbled over. We nearly killed the large bottle of Jager. It got to the point where we were having a conversation. If I was talking, she'd take a sip and then hand me the bottle and then it was her time to talk.

We ended up sitting on the bench passing the bottle back and forth like hobos.
Now, I designated myself as the "Correct door Pointer outer" so I told this guy and he said thanks, and before we left he gave us a candy bar. We don't understand it.

So all in all, it was a fucking brilliant night. And I can't wait to do it again, because that shit was tons of fun!

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Anonymous said...

Ha, definitely sounds like a helluva time.