The Amazing English Adventure


I’ve been sitting here for hours trying to find the words to use to write this blastedly long thing, and I feel the best way to do it is in chunks instead of one long post. So you’re going to have to deal with the break up of days, and the overload of pictures. Thankfully I wrote it all down already, but the copying it over while I strain to read the notebook at my side is going to be a pain.


June 9th 2009

David, Emily and I had dinner at the Chop Suey hut before loading ourselves into the car to head to the airport. Songs were sung and laughter was had, while I irritatingly took pictures of every moment that I could.

They dropped me off at 7pm and I used the self check in to get through in no time at all. I rushed to my gate, wanting to be done with the whole flying experience only to realize I now had nearly three hours to wait before boarding. So I sat, and I read. I talked on the phone a bit, but I mostly read. Finished a book, started another.

We finally boarded, and I was ready to sleep. Wearing a hoody, Sunglasses and earphones. I had taken two sleeping pills prior to getting on the plane because I had every intention of sleeping through the entire journey.

Apparently I was wrong.

I managed a little under two hours of sleep. So I read some more. Watched a movie or two, and resumed reading. By the time the plane landed I wanted a cigarette so badly I’d have smoked right there if I didn’t think it would get me arrested.

The plane landed at 11:45. We ended up sitting on the runway for an extra hour due to our gate being used. When I got through to customs the lady told me to wait at the side and then took my passport. I knew the drill, so I sat, fiddling with my purse and hugging my teddy bear, waiting to hear whatever she had to say.

The last time I went there was an interview, and it was a few hours. This time only a few minutes even if it felt like an eternity. She let me through and I went and collected my luggage, beating my other plane mates out even though I was delayed.

John met me and led me over to his mother, who had coffee and diet coke waiting for me. After a warm welcome I admitted all I wanted was a cigarette. So we headed outside to smoke, while I told them the joys of flying.

After that we headed to the car, and I moved to get in the passenger side, which in England, is actually the drivers side. I was confused, tired and looked like an ass. “Oh right, England” I said with a laugh as I went around the other way.

We got to his house and Paul, Sarah, John and I all decided to head to the greystoke for a beer. I needed one after the day I had. It was a decent walk, but John tore my pants. We were walking and all the sudden I hear a ripping sound and I look down and my favorite pants have been maimed. Horrible maimed. What a jerk, no?

After a few beers we headed back and had dinner with the family. At 7pm I had decided I was done and we went to the tent to sleep.

Woke up the next morning with a sore throat and birds singing. Did I mention we’re sleeping in a tent?


June 10th 2009

Went to Westfield with John’s Mom, sister and John. We were on a mission to find shoes, and yet all I managed to walk out with was a few more books. The mall itself was massively large. Like it’s woodfield size, and yet I think it might be bigger. We spent a few hours there, before John’s sister threw a tantrum and ruined the day.

At this mall I learned that English Starbucks suck compared to American starbucks. I was scared they were going to fuck up my order, but they didn’t thankfully. They did fuck up John’s though. Oh well, we lived.

Went home and had dinner with the family before meeting up with Geoff for a drink. Went to the Greystoke yet again and had an awesome time. John decided to switch to vodka and red bull and I figured I’d follow suit. Then before heading back to the tent Geoff bought us a few cans of beer to enjoy on the way home. Which was a great idea in my eyes.

After we said our goodbyes John and I called it a night and yet managed to stay up till nearly 5am. Hmm, how strange.


The rest is a different form of writing

, that I started at like 5am. So I’ll save that for another entry which I’ll post some time tomorrow I’m guessing. This is all you get for now, so cherish it.


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