Walmart Shoppers

I am so sick of my job. Every day it is just more crap shoveled on top of the crap that I've dealt with for the last few months. I keep thinking that the customers are going to get smarter, that they will be less crabby, but I am so wrong.
Common occurrence is customers slide their debit card, informing me it's credit. They don't tell me it's a debit card so I hit the credit key and wait. They stare at me and then go, "Well, are you going to hit the button?" not knowing I already did.
"What does the screen say?" I will ask them.
"Key pin, but I Don't want to use my pin."
"Hit cancel, select credit." and then I sigh. This happens dozens of times a day. Dozens. And each time it makes me want to curl up in a ball and forget I have a job.

Just because I work at walmart, it does not mean I am stupid. It means the economy sucks and I needed a job. Stop judging the person behind the register.

Also, if your kid is screaming, do not leave it in the cart while you go look for something. This happened yesterday, and I was about to walk over and shut the damn kid up myself. This is why if you're going to go shopping with kids, take both parents. That way if one is not behaving you can get them the hell out of the store. No one, and I mean no one, wants to listen to them scream. I don't care how fucking cute they are.

We get that easter is just around the corner. We get that your kids are still lied too about the easter bunny. But why should I put four items in a large bag and then double bag it for you? Why should you be so demanding? More importantly, where the fuck did your manners go? I understand that I'm paid to help you, but aren't you as a human with emotions and a brain supposed to know that manners get you every where?

I had a lady the other night who had a massive order, just massive. And I started ringing up her items and she barked, "No, Wait. I want to watch the prices."
So I calmly said ok and pulled the items out of the bag and voided them so she could see. I thought all was well until her mother started moving things from bag to bag, and double bagging and bitching about how I can't do my job right.
Heres a hint folks: The way you put it on the belt is going to be the way it goes into the bag. I'm not going to reach on my tippy toes for the package of hotdogs to keep with the cold stuff.
We try, we all do. To keep Chemicals with Chemicals, Cold with cold and food with food. But if you have shit thrown up there in a strange mixture we're just going to bag.

After it was all said and done, and she had paid the woman complained to someone about me. I gave her attitude apparently and did a shitty job.
I was unaware that you could do a shitty job at scanning items and throwing them in a bag. Who knew?

As for the attitude part, I'm not going to be a fucking rose after I hear how crap I am at my job. I'm going to continue being crap and since you're already fixing my mistakes I'm going to try to make it even worse for you.

One final note on Walmart if you are rude, mean or just plain ignorant I have been known to reach down while putting the bread in the bag and squish it.
Keep that in mind next time you go through someones line. We all have feelings and the majority of the time that person behind the register hates her job, wishes she could go back to whatever she was doing before the economy tanked out and get a bit of respect. So for the love of god, say hi to her, smile at her, and thank her.
That is all we ask. That and maybe learn how to fucking work the credit card thing.