Twenty Wishes

I just finished reading Debbie Macomber's latest book, Twenty Wishes. It's a story about a group of widows who decide to create a wish list of 20 things they want out of life.
It follows each of them on their journey to accomplish each wish, with twists and surprising and charming turns along the way.

The book has inspired me to write my list of 20 wishes, perhaps you can too?

1.) Write a book.
2.) Own a horse
3.) Laugh so hard I'm crying for hours on end like I used too.
4.) Stay up all night with my friends.
5.) Buy one pair of outrageous shoes and wear them often.
6.) Be a size 10 again.
7.) Learn how to make Creme' Brulee.
8.) Run Five miles.
9.) Read a million books.
10.) Master the art of Yoga.
11.) Own 200 pairs of shoes.
12.) Have kids.
13.) Go to Germany again.
14.) Go to Paris, Rome, Italy, Spain and Australia.
15.) Become a teacher.
16.) Take cooking classes.
17.) Buy a house; plant a real garden.
18.) Build a tree house.
19.) Stop bottling my emotions.
20.) Dance barefoot in the rain.

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