Yesterday I had a family come through my line. As the woman was paying the man said to his daughter,
"Only stupid people work at walmart. That right there is the face of someone who didn't go to college."

We're all very lucky I didn't shove my hand scanner up anyones ass, because boy howdy was I tempted too.


Libërty said...

Oh my GOD dude.

That is such a horrible fucking statement.

What DID you do??

Bastit said...

Wait, what...???
Ok, I don't know from where did you get the patience enough to not to jump over the registrator and strangle that guy with the hand scanner cord.
I guess that knowing that, at least, you have education and decency enough for not going insulting strangers just for fun made you feel superior than that guy, but geez... I'm not patient enough, that little girl would be orphan by today if that was happened to me.

Jen said...

Oddly enough, I did nothing.

Anonymous said...

Good Lord.

How can an asshole that big survive to that age? How is it that no one has killed them yet? It scares me how fucking IGNORANT some people can be. It sucks that you had to deal with that :(

I wish I had been in line behind the guy to tell him what a raging dickhead he is. And I would have, too. Really Fucking Loud. Once I recovered from the shock of hearing it, that is. That's like, leave-you-speechless level of ignorance.

I congratulate you on your restraint, because that's the day I would have been fired for telling the customer to go fuck himself.